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Friday, August 17, 2007

Full campus meeting... and department-wide meetings

I think I am all meetinged-out for the week. I have tried to memorize so many people's names and faces (most without much success). The meeting this morning was a lot of repeat from yesterday (with a little extra). It seems that a lot of Adams State's higher-ups have recently turned over (the provost is new this year, the president is in his second year, etc). And it sounds like they are trying to move Adams forward.

Our full department meeting was long. But the people in the department seem very nice and the atmosphere is relaxed and engaged, which is great. We'll see what it's like mid-year!

The most important things are done. My syllabi for all three of my classes are photocopied and sitting on my desk. My schedule/office hours are posted by my door. I have all of my class rosters/attendance/grade sheets made out and ready to go. Now I'm just ready to get to it! I think this weekend Reid and I are going to relax and find some fun stuff to do. Not sure what yet... but we'll keep you posted.


mom said...

Your father says for you to go to the park for "Sunday at Six" because "the band sounds like fun"!
This you get because he reads the local paper that you do not get!
Love you

Dad said...

Ahhh, the quiet before the storm.

Knock dead PROF! :-)

Jamie said...

Meetings...get used to them.
Wow...you have office hours. Welcome to the big times.
Have fun exploring...I expect to get the highlighted tour when we visit.