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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

Tater decided that we needed to wake up at 6:45 this morning (the first morning of the weekend, mind you). So I got up and took him out and once we were outside I decided why not take a walk around the park. It was pretty because the sun was just coming up and once around the loop is only half a mile.

We were about three quarters of the way around when I saw a dog lying on the end of a sleeping bag with a sleeping person inside. Suddenly the serenity of the morning shattered. Here I was enjoying a brisk little walk with my dog while someone else had been "forced" to sleep in the park with theirs.

I walked Tater the rest of the way back, cleaned off his feet and fed him his breakfast. But the thought of that person (and that dog) not having breakfast was nagging at me. So I did what any bleeding heart liberal or charitable Christian would do... I packed a lunch (complete with a little bag of dog food and some dog bones) and walked back over.

By the time I got there the dog was off the sleeping bag and exploring here and there. The person had woken up and I could see it was actually two people, with two sleeping bags that they had zipped together. As I got really close I saw a cellphone lying on the man's sandals next to them and thought "that's strange."

But I asked anyway. "Umhmm... excuse me. I saw you lying here while I was walking my dog a few minutes ago and I was wondering if you were hungry." They both looked up at me with blurry eyes and then quickly said with a smile, "Oh no, we're fine." And so, I walked back to my house, with the lunch and I'm drinking the little Coke right now (and Tater is lying on my lap in the computer chair... I think he's thankful that I'm not leaving like the last five mornings).

Anyway, who sleeps in the park (that is not supposed to be open at night) with just two sleeping bags by choice?? I guess a couple in love does. Strike that. Make it a non-hungry couple in love.


mom said...

You midwestern upbringing is showing!! Glad they were just "enjoying" the night. Maybe they had been watching the stars!! LOL
Love you

Dad said...

I think that you are also in the part of the country where you will see the occasional "kid" or in this case couple that are backpack/hitch-hiking around just to see the world. Might have been interesting to strike up a conversation and learn their story (after you got over the embarrasment factor). :-)

Den Mother indeed!