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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Post

The week is almost done and then I have a three day weekend! Hooray!! I know that it sounds crazy, as I only started working a week and a half ago, but an extra day off sounds fabulous!

I am really enjoying teaching my acting class. So far it's my favorite. My voice class is alright, but I think it's only a matter of time before my students realize that I'm a fraud and that I have consistently been told by directors and teachers that my voice is my weakest component... ah well. And public speaking is public speaking.... I'm not super jazzed about it but I have some interesting students in the class.

In other news, I added it up today and I have at the very minimum 35 costumes to obtain for Cinderella, the first mainstage show of the season. After meeting with the director yesterday I convinced him that we need to move the auditions up so that I can have more time. 35 costumes!!! And that isn't including however many extras he decides to have. I'm sure that we will be able to pull some of them from storage and we'll rent some of the others, but I would like to build at least ten of them. Wish me (and the girls who work for me in the costume shop) luck!! Of course, nothing can be really started until we have a finalized budget (Paul is trying to find me more money) and a cast... until then I will just work on my pathetic renderings and worry! :)

Reid and I are planning on going to the mountains for a hike on Saturday with a married couple who are also new faculty members this year at Adams (Jared is a new earth science prof and Renee is chemistry). It will be nice to be out with people our age and good to go exploring while it's still warm. I will certainly post pictures if we get some good ones!


Dad said...

Hiking in the mountains certainly sounds better than fixing the drip edge on the screen room. Yippee!

But maybe I'll get a bike ride too.

And you don't have to be good as long as you can teach someone else how to be good. Do you think Tom Moore (65+ years old, overweight and the offensive coordinator/quarterback coach for the Colts) has to be a better quarterback than Peyton Manning? I don't think so :-)

Becky said...

Good advice from your dad :)

When's the show?