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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I’m normally a words/photos person. But today I’m going to try my hand at numbers…

8 = number of years since I married my husband
5= number of times we’ve moved in those 8 years
3= number of states we’ve lived in during that time
13= number of jobs we’ve collectively had in those last eight years!
6= number of months since we met the most important person in our lives
22+= number of years we’re now responsible for said person!
5= number of pets we’ve adopted
9= number of puppies we helped deliver
2= number of just for us vacations we’ve taken (think we need to work on that one!)
1000s= number of miles we’ve traveled together
Millions= number of times we’ve said I love you
8 = number of years since I made the best decision of my life

I love you Reid! Happy anniversary to the best husband. father and friend I know! Cheers to eight being only the beginning!

(And Wesley’s stats at 6 months:
15 lbs. = 25th percentile
28 in. = 90th percentile!)


JayD said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Merrilee said...

Happy, happy, happy anniversary!! I have to admit that I was cleaning out a box of items and I found my bouquet from your wedding! Of course it made me think of you and of how happy I am for you, Reid, and Wesley!! (And Tater, Winston, and the kitties!!)

Savage Lotus said...

I love you Jenna. I feel the same way.

Your Husband