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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Longest Week Ever...

How can it only be Wednesday? The first week of school is always long. The first DAY with an almost seven month old was long! We started the school year on Friday. Wesley's daycare didn't start until Monday. That meant he had his first day of college with me! He went to the all faculty/staff welcome back meeting. Then we headed over to the freshman convocation, followed by the welcome barbecue/picnic. That was followed by a short nap in mommy's office (and I'm proud to report I was NOT the one napping) and then a meeting with our freshman theatre majors. After that we went to an hour and a half long departmental meeting (during which Wes slept for about an hour in my arms... good boy!). Then we finished the day with a faculty and staff welcome back get-together with food and drinks. Tired yet? We were at school for eleven hours! And Wesley did a bang up job receiving several compliments for how well behaved he was.

Monday was not as difficult on me as I thought it would be. I went and visited him during lunch and picked him up early. He seemed to genuinely enjoy his classroom, his teacher and his classmates. Tuesday was a long day with him in my office but I love that I only have to put him in daycare three days a week so for now I'll sacrifice not getting much work done on Tuesdays and Thursdays for having him with me. Apparently this morning was harder at daycare. The novelty had worn off and he wanted mommy back! But I stopped by at lunch, fed him, nursed him and rocked him to sleep. He slept for almost an hour after I left and apparently woke in a much better mood. However, he still didn't let me put him back down when I picked him up this evening... but that's okay. I like being his favorite person!

And now... a few gratuitous Wesley pictures from the last week!

Mommy and Wes on the 1st day of school!

Daddy and Wes on the first day of school!

Wesley likes peaches!

And beets are okay (though better for wearing than for eating).

Don't you love sleeping baby/daddy pictures?

And chillin' with mommy is nice too!


Alice said...

Love the beets!
and the sleeping Daddy. Such a nice pillow.

JayD said...

Chillin' with mom is fun too!