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Friday, July 30, 2010

6 Months...

That is half a year! Six months ago to this day, the nurses placed Wesley Isaiah in my arms. I can honestly say on that day I still loved the idea of him, as I had in my pregnant days. Today, I can unequivocally say that I love HIM. There are a million and one things that are unique to my son. And I love each and everyone of them.

Six months turns this...

Wesley, at 2 days old, coming home from the hospital...

Into this...

Wesley, yesterday, eating his rice cereal
Wesley, at six months you are truly becoming a little person. You are so close to sitting up on your own. You do so for seconds at a time, but with no support you tend to topple forward onto your stomach. But you can easily sit in between my legs on the sofa or on someone's lap for long periods at a time.

You still only roll from your back to your tummy, a feat which is supposed to be much more difficult than the other way. But once on your tummy you are content for long periods to look around and play with toys. And then once you are fed up, you simply scream until someone comes along to rescue you!
You sleep very well at night, falling asleep at around 8pm and waking once or twice to nurse before being awake for good in the mornings at around 7. You sleep in our bed with us and some of my favorite moments so far with you have been waking up as a whole family and enjoying your smiles and chats first thing in the morning.

We have just started solid foods and once mommy gave up on a spoon and let you eat from her finger you have enjoyed sitting at the table (in your highchair) and doing what the big kids do. So far you have tried rice cereal, banana and apple puree. Next we are moving on to sweet potato! And I'm happy to say you are still nursing like a champ. We both enjoy the quiet moments when we settle in for a good nursing which happens throughout the day (and night)!

You have a lot of favorite toys, especially mousey who goes for all car rides with you. However, you are most fond of playing with mommy and daddy. You are blowing crazy spit bubbles and raspberries and doing a lot of "talking." Sometimes you screach the highest and loudest noise imaginable. You also make a lot of maa sounds and gaa sounds. You have a great gurgle noise that mommy has tried to imitate and can't. And you love to make popping noises with your lips, popping them apart.

You do the most endearing thing we have termed "glomming." You grab onto our face with both hands and pull it towards your open mouth. Once your mouth is touching a cheek, you make noises. We call it Wesley's kisses.

You are a huge flirt and smile with just about everyone you see. Just a look from mommy or daddy can create a huge smile across your face.

We'll find out your exact statistics on Monday (your sixth month pediatrician's visit) but you have very dark blue eyes and all of your hair that is coming in is a very light blonde. And you have lashes that most women would do anything for!

In terms of other physical milestones, Wes loves splashing in the bath. He loves his jumper that hangs in the doorway. He has almost completely grown out of his swings and bouncy seat because he can sit up and lean forward out of them. He loves the baby in the mirror and is just starting to reach for the dogs and cats (beware animals of the Neilsen household)! He also loves being outdoors. When he's fussing and doesn't want to nurse I can almost always make him happy by taking him outside. He watches the leaves blown in the wind and examines the grass with the greatest amount of concentration.

Daddy and I are so excited to see you grow and learn! You have already gotten bigger and stronger (and quite frankly much more interesting)! Just don't grow up too quick, okay?


Savage Lotus said...

Can't believe he is six months old already! I love you mommy!

Alice said...

He'll grow like you all do.
And when did Daddy become "Savage Lotus???????"

Annie said...

I can't believe how fast time goes by. How exciting each milestone is. He just becomes more and more interesting...definitely not a boring child!

Alice said...

Susan Edmondson just saw a pic of Wes and says she sees the GARWOOD in him!

Stephanie said...

He has such pretty eyelashes!!!