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Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Months!

Alright, so Wesley turned seven months at the beginning of this week. But I can honestly say that this is the first time this week I've been sitting in front of my computer long enough to post to my blog. The first week of school is always crazy. But for me it has been the first two weeks. Reid and I spent the last entire weekend driving up to Cheyenne, WY where I had a board meeting for the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association (of which I am now the vice-president). Cheyenne is 335 miles from Alamosa... We drove to Denver on Friday, drove up to Cheyenne and back to Denver on Saturday and drove home Sunday morning. I then had auditions for the play I'm directing on Sunday and have had rehearsals every night this week. That means my days start at 6am when the alarm goes off and I get home between 9:30 and 10:30 at night... but it's only for another five weeks and then having my evenings back will feel like a gift!

And in other news, Reid got his first official order through his website, http://www.whitemountainforge.com/! We're very exciting that someone in New Hampshire found our site and ordered hooks. If you have any interest in having Reid make you a hand forged item (or many items) feel free to go take a look! I'm really proud of him.

But... on to Wesley. Wesley, you are now sitting like a champ! You rarely fall over, though when you do it is heart breaking because you rarely brace yourself and so your head hits the floor with a thud. Then you cry the most awful hurt cry until someone scoops you up and kisses you copiously. This is why I'm glad you are such a pro-sitter!

Pro-sitting on a gigantic sofa in our hotel suite... doesn't he look tiny?!

And pro-sitting on the bed as well! You were so happy to get out of the carseat.

You are trying so hard to crawl but you just can't yet get your arms and knees to work together yet... my guess is that by your eight month update you will be.

You eat all sorts of foods now! Some of your favorites include avocado (you ALWAYS finish your avocado), zucchini and peach. We just started carrots this week and next on the list is pumpkin!

Your giggle is infectious and you luckily grace us with it often. We can get you to giggle by tickling you, especially under the chin and under your arms. You also love playing peek-a-boo. You giggle when mommy or daddy reappear and you pull the blanket off your own face when it's your turn.

You are adjusting to daycare much more quickly than mommy! Today I called and checked on you but for the first time I didn't come by at lunch and you did great! When I called to check your teacher said that today would be a good day for me to not come because you were doing so well... if I was ready! Guess she knows who really has the separation anxiety, hunh? You even took two ounces from a bottle for Ms. Corri, as well as a one hour nap (which is really long for you at daycare)!

Speaking of bottles, just a few days before we went back to school you decided that bottles weren't so bad after all. Boy did that give me more confidence for taking you to daycare and for going to play rehearsal! Now you take a bottle from daddy every night to go to sleep with no fuss. What a good boy!

You have quite a bit of hair but it is so blond and so fine that you really can't see it unless you're right up close to it. Still no teeth. You are so long that a few of your 6-9 month sleepers are getting snug. And while in Denver daddy and I took the opportunity to buy you a big boy carseat. Though still rear facing, you are no longer riding in your bucketseat. You' now in what we call your "big boy chair."

In your "Big Boy" Seat

Everywhere we go people comment on what a good baby you are and I don't think they're exaggerating a bit. You very rarely cry. You have a smile for almost everyone you meet. You can easily entertain yourself with a toy for minutes on end. And did I mention your smile?? Because it can't melt just about anyone's heart! I love you little boy!
A big boy in his exersaucer!


Alice said...

Ah, have you taken a real good look at the face in the last picture????

JennaN said...

What about it?

Alice said...

my dear that is a taste of your future! Little stinker is what I think it is called! LOL

JayD said...

Gotta love the pictures!