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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A long Few Weeks...

Wesley yesterday morning before we left (wearing daddy's hat)

On top of having a cold that I thought I had finally fought off (only to wake this morning with a sore throat) I have been in rehearsal directing my show every evening the last few weeks... hence the dirth of posting. But I wanted to get a few pictures up of our day yesterday. In a fit of crazies, Reid, Wesley and I drove three hours to Santa Fe, spent about three hours at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair and then drove back three hours. It was a fun time but we also had the ulterior motive of wanting to check it out for being a potential vendor next year with Reid's blacksmithing. There was only one other blacksmith there and his stuff was very specific (and expensive) artwork. We both definitely agreed that it is worth exploring more and he signed up to be on their vendor mailing.

On the side of the road... we had to stop on the way there because Wes was fussing so much. He slept all of about forty minutes of the 6+ hours in the car.

Exhausted! Talking a nap on mommy... (this is what happens when you don't sleep in the car)

A part of the museum grounds... it is obviously devoted to the Spanish heritage of New Mexico

It was also held at a living history museum, something of course that is both near and dear to Reid and I. And though a little warm (New Mexico in September is a bit hot in the sun), we had a great time. Now back to the grind stone for two more weeks... then rehearsals will be over and I'll be able to breathe a little (though then costumes for the holiday show will be upon me... but one thing at a time)!

Meeting a dragon!


JayD said...

Nice to know that dragons aren't so scary. :-)

Alaina said...

So busy and what a long car trip with no sleep! We've totally been there.

I've missed your posts but haven't been blogging or commenting much myself. :)

Wesley is getting so big and he is so cute!

Alice said...

Ok, i want to meet a dragon!

Jamie Porterfield said...

Hang in there, miss you!