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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bathroom Remodel Post #1

We knew when we bought the house last summer that the bathrooms were going to need to be remodeled sooner rather than later. The small bathroom has some cosmetic tile damage and a linoleum floor that is starting to peel up. The "big" bathroom, on the other hand, had water damage under the linoleum that was visible, an unfinished window in the shower, and a drain in the bathtub that leaked. And so... we decided to embark on a bathroom remodel this summer. Having already spent about 50% more than we intended to spend (and aren't quite done yet), I am anxious to have the project done already!

Here are photos of before and of demolition (the most fun part of any project)!

Here is the unfinished window... who does that??

The bathroom from the hallway

Inside the room

Back at the doorway

After demoing out the vanity & toilet

And this is what was under linoleum around the toilet! Yuck!

Here is the shower surround with the tile off

And back at the door with no medicine cabinet or tile

One of the craziest things we've found so far with this project, on the south wall, under the drywall, we found exterior pine siding! Apparently when they decided to add on to the house, they just covered up the outside wall with dry-wall, rather than taking off the siding! Crazy home owners...

Reid cut the wet/rotten part of the floor out...

All the way down to the pine boards that was the start of the subfloor. It is about an inch and a half down and still had some water/mold staining that we scrubbed with bleach and let dry thoroughly.
Next time... preparing surfaces for tile (which means putting up cement board) & re-wiring to move the light up and the switch out!


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