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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Curtis is 4 months!

Hooray! We have made it to 4 months and Curtis is doing great. At his doctor's appointment (that, admittedly, was two weeks ago) he weighed in at 14lbs 1oz and was 25 1/2" long. All in all a perfectly healthy & happy baby!

He is doing a great job of pre-sitting (though he frequently still flops over forward... just need a little bit stronger tummy muscles and he'll be a sitter!).

Straight on shot.

Smiling shot... He has become a huge flirt, smiling and then looking away. He is SUPER smiley in the mornings, just like his brother was.

Ooops! Upside down baby.

And a profile shot for the grandparents who like to figure out who he looks like.

Just a silly picture of Tater (nothing to do with Curtis)... he decided to fall asleep with his head in Sesame Street!

Getting a kiss from big brother! So sweet... In the last week or two Wesley has started showing some interest in his little brother. He is now asking to bring Curtis toys and he likes to lay down with him and do back and tummy time.

Wesley got himself dressed! Sort of... I dressed Curtis :) But I love how Curtis is leaning on Wes/holding onto his arm.

Look at that cute baby in the mirror!

Doing tummy time... with big brother standing behind, no doubt saying "Take a picture of me!"

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