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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Weekend

I should be at school right now finishing up the first of three exams for the day... but I got a call this morning that school was cancelled until noon and the final postponed. So... I thought I'd blog for a minute!

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit this weekend and goodness did we pack it in! On Friday evening we went to the Brew Pub in town for dinner and then headed out to Walmart to buy Reid snow equipment for the next today's activities. On Saturday we all four drove out to the Great Sand Dunes (in two cars... Sarah and I didnt stay nearly as long as the boys did). The plan had been for the guys to go sandboarding. What they hadn't planned on was the six inches or so of snow that fell Saturday morning. So, they were half snowboarding and half sandboarding. Dan was very impressed by the Dunes, having never been to them before.
(the boys getting ready to hit the slopes... crazies!)

Tater, Sarah and I stayed in the car until we thought they had climbed up far enough. Then we went out on to the flat land between the parking lot and the Dunes. We took some pictures and Tater had a terrific time running through the snow!

(Tater is ready to run! Let him at that snow! And Sarah is just staying warm)

Then Sarah, the dog and I came home and took naps. According to pictures on Sarah and Dan's camera, the boys built a snowman on the Dunes and named him Frosty. That evening we all attended Cinderella and I think they enjoyed it (Cinderella pictures in an upcoming post I promise!).

(It's a little like Where's Waldo? Can you find them on the side of the Dune?)

On Sunday the boys were up and gone by 7am, headed for Wolf Creek and their 70+ inches of snow. Reid, when they came back, described it as "epic." So apparently, they had fun. Sarah and I hung close to home (being six months pregnant, as my sister is, isn't very conducive to snowboarding). We spent the morning at the cat shelter (where the cats used Sarah as a climbing post as well as a petting machine!). In the afternoon we went for a drive to look at houses that are for sale. It certainly got me motivated. We have a meeting with a bank rep. tomorrow to discuss mortgages and a meeting with a realtor on Thursday!


Jamie said...

Yeah mortgage! Actually I love house hunting. The hardest part though was learning to compromise about what you are getting. In the end though, I know you find something perfect.

I am glad the guys had an "epic" time and glad you and Sarah were able to take it easy.

Alice said...

Sand and Snow. Yes, crazies!! LOL But it looks like you all had fun for the weekend! I'm glad.