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Thursday, December 6, 2007

My favorite Christmas Ornaments

Oh!Amanda posted on her blog about her favorite Christmas ornaments and that got me to thinking about mine... but the truth is there are very few ornaments on my tree that don't have very special meaning to me. Because my husband and I are still using a four foot tree I have to be pretty selective with what I put on (though Reid is always saying that the tree is going to fall over because I am a firm believes that every branch deserves an ornament)! But I decided to take a picture of a few of my favorites and tell you abou them (though some of the pictures didn't come out so well... not really sure why).

This picture came out the worst but I put it at the top because it is truly one of my favorites. I have two of them (this wedding one and one of my best friend and I growing up). My mom (bless her patient soul) made them. The pictures are actually on the inside of the glass and this one is stuffed with some of the bows off of presents from our wedding. Needless to say, these two glass balls mean a lot to me.

This is an ornament given to me by my maternal grandfather. You may or may not be able to read it but he etched "Jenna Marie 1979" onto it. Yep... the ornament is as old as I am.

This ornament is rather new to my collection. My mother-in-law gave it to me. It's a real eggshell, that she painted! Can you see artistic ability?? I'm hoping those genes get past on to my future children.

Who doesn't love a spoiled rotten beagle on a Christmas tree??

This is an ornament given to me by my maternal grandmother before I can remember. My sister has one as well, but in different colors. I could not get this picture to come out... but I like the ghosting effect. It makes it look like he's dancing!

This is another that my grandmother gave me. Again, my sister has a matching mouse in a different color. Even though one of his eyes is missing and he's a little shaggy around the ears he goes on my Christmas tree every year. I love the reminders of my grandmother.


oh amanda said...

I love it! Your mil is amazing!!

My brother and I have the same thing--matching ornaments. Those are fun b/c they are memories of my bro AND of me as a kid AND of whoever gave them to me.

Thanks for playing!

Dad said...

Maybe next year you can get your "big" tree out of my attic :-)

Then you will have LOTS of room!

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing the stories...I truly love all of my grandparent's ornaments and what they mean to me every year when I get them out.

Dad said...

Have you "recoverd" from your weekend?

Dad said...

BTW, you ARE the professor now. You don't have to cram for the final :-)

Jenna said...

No... I just have to read all of the papers that I assigned... and for some crazy reason I assigned a lot of them! :)

SAHMmy Says said...

Great ornaments, great memories! I've got to remember to grab my childhood ornaments off my mom & dad's tree this year!