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Monday, February 11, 2013

Wesley is 3!

Amazing... three years will turn THIS...
Into THIS!
Wesley turned 3 on January 30 and we had his birthday party the following Saturday. It was a small affair, five adults besides Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma and two other little kids... but for three I'd say it was just about perfect!

On his actual birthday we had fun together making cupcakes... which we also enjoyed eating/demolishing!
Mixing Cupcakes

Demolished Cupcake
He was SO excited about presents... but even more excited when he saw the balloons hanging on the wall! Apparently all you need for a birthday party are balloons for he has told us several times that he still has a birthday party (since we haven't taken all of the balloons down yet)!

Favorite presents include:
A pirate ship
Sesame Street PlaySet
Magnetic Animals

Doctor Kit

Playing with his Sesame Street Set with his good friend Caris (and Tater in the background)

"Birthday Boy" with his adoring Daddy!

Yummy Curious George Cake... though he didn't eat much. He was too excited about presents!

The Birthday Boy with his "World's Best Little Brother"

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