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Monday, January 24, 2011

2 Months, No Post

So... it has been a long time since I posted. I just took my blog off auto-publishing to facebook. I think one (of the many) reasons I haven't posted is because it going to facebook (and thus having potentially 300 people I know read it) seemed a little too personal. Now, of course, any of those people could if they wanted to saunter over here to this blog and read it anyway... but the truth is that most people won't.

Mainly I haven't posted because I've been wicked busy and I have a baby who every time I try to sit down to get on the computer he wants to get on the computer. That means rather than being able to leisurely post, I have to fight over baby fingers and inevitably deal with a crying fit (mine or his, I'll let you decide).

And I also haven't posted because I've been daunted by just how much I've missed posting about. So, rather than trying to go back and recreate all that I have missed... I'm just going to move forward. Suffice it to say, we had a fabulous Christmas and New Year's in LA with my family and Reid's family and I wished that it could have gone on for a lot longer! There are a few pictures at the moment and I might post more some other time... or probably not :)

Now for the Wesley update... Wesley is SOO close to walking on his own. He just climbed up onto the sofa this weekend by himself for the first time! He was so proud. He "knows" that he is supposed to roll over onto his tummy and then swing his legs down to get down... but in the excitement of being on the sofa of his own accord he frequently forgets to do so. This means that mommy and daddy need to be sitting really close by!

He is the MASTER of interesting faces. Lately he has taken to wringling his nose with his smiles. He also tilts his head to one side and smiles at you, almost as if he knows that his cuteness is too much to be resisted! Going along with that, he will frequently lean in to whomever is holding him and cuddled his head against your chest. This doesn't last for long because he's so busy but it truly is one of the sweetest feelings in the world.

What else? He still LOVES music and will bob and dance to just about any type, from mommy humming to his baby CDs to the hard metal that is on one of daddy's PS3 games! His hand/eye coordination is getting extremely good. One of his favorite toys is a funnel that you throw balls into and they set off music. He can fit the ball into the top opening (which has maybe an eighth of an inch opening) and he'll do it over and over again. He has also started using a spoon! He gets as much on himself as he does in his mouth but he's very proud of himself.

He loves to play follow the leader, especially if he's leading! It usually consists of "Hands up!" "Hands down!" "Flap your arms like a bird" and "Clap." Sometimes waving gets thrown in for good measure too.

Despite having been out of daycare for almost four weeks, he took to it like he was never gone. He loves his teacher and his classmates... but I love that he is always super excited when he sees mommy or daddy in the doorway in the afternoon. No matter what he is doing, he drops it and crawls at full throttle towards the doorway. Man, I love that moment!

I can't believe that he turns one this coming Sunday. That just seems impossible and yet like the time has flown by. We're having a gathering at our house with cake and ice cream for his birthday on Sunday and I can't wait to see him with a piece of cake all his own (since the cupcake we tried to give him at his 11 month birthday was not eagerly received, due to him being so sick).

The next few weeks are very busy for me. The show I directed last fall (Two Rooms) was selected to go to the Rocky Mountain Theatre Festival which is great! But it means this week and next week I'm back in rehearsal. This week it is from 7-10pm. Next week it is from 3-6pm (because there is a student show performing in the evenings). And then comes the actual conference, which is in Cheyenne, WY). We'll be leaving on a Tuesday and not be back until very late Saturday night. I know that I will have fun seeing so much theatre and presenting our show... and I'll be very busy as we always are. But, man, I am going to miss my husband and my little boy SO MUCH! The longest I've been apart from Wesley so far is 15 hours... and that was too long. I can only console myself with the thought that he is too young to remember it. So, it will just be hard on mommy (and daddy who has to be solo-parent for almost a week)!

Wes sleeping Christmas morning... before the craziness started!

Wes in his adorable Christmas pjs, checking out his cousin's new play kitchen

Christmas is exhausting! Mid-day nap with mommy

Waving leaves around in Great-Uncle Jack's yard. This boy never sits still so I love this picture in motion!

Eating his first cupcake... too bad he was running a temperature and not very intersted in eating it. We'll be trying this again this weekend for his birthday!

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