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Friday, September 12, 2008

Can you believe it's Friday?

Where in the world has my week gone?? So much for updating in the middle of the week, hunh?

This week was peppered with good and bad. At the end of last week our Ford Taurus quit running... luckily it was only a fuel pump (which was still a $400 fix but not a "we should just buy a new car" fix). This week has been spent prepping for classes and watching movies to show in Costume Design (I highly recommend the remake of "Lion in Winter" with Patrick Stewart and Glen Close... quite enjoyable). This weekend will be spent working on my retention folder, which is due Monday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, hunh?

And besides school little is happening around here. Reid and I spent most of last weekend working outside in our yard. I have started weeding the area that I want to put a garden in next spring and am very excited about possibly being able to grow stuff. Next weekend we are going to Denver so that I can present at a workshop (and so that Reid can get out of the Valley... something he hasn't done since his trip out east in May!). And that is luckily it for us... pretty boring people!


JayD said...

And maybe the highlight of your weekend can be a phone call from your Dad ????

Alice said...

Yes, please talk to your Dad. he does so much better after "time" with his girls.
And boring is NOT a bad thing. It means you have a real life!!

Alice said...

And tomorrow will be Friday again!