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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Four Day Weekend

Don't we all wish every weekend could be a four day weekend? This past week was fall break, which means that we had no classes on Thursday or Friday. And boy did I need it! I spent all most all day Thursday in the costume shop, Friday cleaning the entire house (we had fallen way behind) and a good portion of yesterday in the costume shop. I now have all of the bodices mocked up for fittings and a few garments cut out, which makes me feel pretty good about where we are. Today is going to be class planning. In other words, I had four days off but have actually done work every day! Go figure.

On Friday we had two other faculty and spouse couples over for dinner and some game playing, which was a lot of fun. I don't have huge amounts in common with any of them but I think they'll all be good to hang out with (movies, drinks, etc). In preparation for people visiting, I decorated the little shelves in our entry way for fall. I was rather proud of how it turned out (considering I did it in about ten minutes and wasn't able to find any decorating wire, string, etc). Here is a picture:

This morning I started volunteering at the cat portion of the San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society. They have a cat adoption room on Main Street. I am going to go in on Sunday mornings and clean litter boxes, give them more food and water and mainly just pet and socialize them. There are certainly a few who have already one over my heart (namely Fuzzy, who is aptly named though he really should be named Cuddles as he wanted to be constantly held! And Grumpy, who is poorly named as he too wanted nothing more than to be held and to sit on your lap). I have wanted to volunteer with an animal rescue group for awhile and I figured now is as good a time as any. Also, part of my retention at school is based on service (which is both service to the school and service to the community). So, I thought volunteering wouldn't look bad on that front either.
And lastly as I sit and write this I'm watching the first snow of the season. No one expects it to stick and it's fluttering more than snowing... but I have to admit it's pretty (cold but pretty).


Mom said...

You snow. Us, cleaning the porch in sunny windy fall weather!!
Like the shelves. It really isn't hard you just pretend it is so everyone thinks your wonderful with what you do!!

Jenna said...

And what is wrong with everyone thinking I'm wonderful?? :)

Dad said...

No doubt here. I KNOW you ARE wonderful :-)

Mom said...

Nothing!! That's why it's so nice. You are and they think so too!

Alaina said...

Beautiful arrangement! Snow!!! It was in the 70's here!

That is so great you are volunteering - will you adopt another kitty? :) Have a great week! Hope costuming and classes go well.

Anne said...

Welcome to the real life of a teacher. Working on all your days off!! Why do you think I'm so relaxed nowadays!