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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at the Neilsens

Halloween is not a terrifically huge holiday around our household. We hang a few decorations, buy a bag of candy, and generally have a costume for the little person of the house. But, after trick-or-treating this evening, I can see that Halloweens are going to become more and more fun the older our kiddos get.

Here are some photos of pumpkin preparation from this past weekend and today's events.

Wesley spent a little while rolling the pumpkin around on the kitchen floor... pumpkin weight training, so to speak.

Mommy thought it would be a good idea to draw a face before we jumped into carving... but Wesley decided that coloring was an even better idea than carving.

And really... could you argue with that face?

Here is Wesley the spider at his holiday party at daycare earlier today (a fellow parent is admiring his googly eyes).

Wesley on stage getting ready to tell the audience what he was dressed as... "a 'pider."

Stopping at "Mr. Jared's" house... we made this our first and last stop for trick-or-treating. I think about a quarter of all of Wes' candy came from Jared and Renee. They're very generous with the Wesley Spider (and note the yellow W on his back. It's the official marking of a Wesley spider).

Deciding which of the loot he wanted!

Wesley's big thing this Halloween. After about ten or so houses, he decided that he knew the ropes. As we would approach the foot of the drive-away he would turn to me (who had accompanied him to the doorway of the houses) and say "Mommy, stay back" (with a hand gesture if necessary). Apparently two years and nine months is old enough to go to the door of strangers and solicit candy all by himself... thank you very much.

Back at home, in our PJs, enjoying a piece of the loot with Mommy.

And lest you forget... baby Neilsen 2.0 is on the way as evidenced by the shirt I wore yesterday. Here I am at 27 weeks....

And look! It's actually me and not just a random pregnant belly!
Wesley helps Mommy decide on the face of the pumpkin... of course he then decided that coloring the pumpkin was more fun than this random idea of "carving." So... we have a fully intact but black markered pumpkin on our porch!

And here is one of Wesley trick-or-treating in action.


Annie.N said...

So cute. I love that he wants to do it "all by himself". That, as much as anything confirms that he is acting more and more like his daddy did..and I mean that in the best way. You are in for some fun!

JennaN said...

Yep! Wesley is very independent/non-clingy... he is affectionate but can and likes to do things on his own.

JayD said...

I "love" his grunting when he is rolling the pumpkin! Just a BIT of the ham in that one!
And I like the jack-o-lantern top! That is really cute!

Alice said...

I like brave spiders