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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rest of our Trip

"Now, who are you again?" We love Auntie Lizzie!

Pop-pop and Wesley cuddling at Conner Prairie. He slept through all of the drumming and the volleying of muskets!

But he didn't sleep through making funny faces with Pop-pop... so much to listen to!

And so much to say!

Three generations of Neilsen men! How can you not love this photo and all that it stands for?

Wesley's first taste of banana... he was definitely not so sure. We only gave it to him the once at home, on the 4th of July with all the grandparents (aka papparazzi) around. Since we've been home Wes has dabbled in rice cereal, banana and applesauce.... applesauce being by far his favorite!

Sleeping on Grandma... that eating/posing for pictures is so tiring!

In his 4th of July outfit!

"Mom, is this really a dog?"

Watching fireworks with daddy... he wasn't at all afraid of the booms and really watched the whole fireworks display. I was impressed with him.

Grandma and her other "buggle", Cousin Raley

Two sisters and a sleeping baby!

I'm putting this pic on for Jamie 'cause I think it's just too cute! Jamie's adorable kiddos (James and Ali) and their being-ridden-upon daddy Alex.

Jamie, Wes and I... he loves having so many "aunts!"

Watching a movie with Grandma... I promise we didn't let him do too much of this. But he was fascinated with the flashy box!

Meeting "Grandma" Karen

Just too cute not to include!

Getting advice from "Grandpa" Dave

Those grandparents will let you do anything! Even if it means you spit all over the outside of their cup!

Hanging with Grandma Annie

The library can be so tiring! This is what I found in the back seat when it went quiet after my mom and I had stopped at the library with Wes. He feel asleep sucking on mousey's nose.

Wes' first time in a pool! He liked it... though he didn't understand why just because he was waving his arms around like a crazy man he kept getting splashed in the face!

Talking with Grandpa...

Flirting with Albie... "Come over here so I can pull your hair!"

Hanging out with Grandma

Meeting Great-Aunt Lorraine

This jumping seat was a $2 find at a garage sale and his FAVORITE thing yet... he loves being all on his own, jumping!

Future Boiler-maker?

Adoring set of Grandparents

Adoring set of Grandparents...

Think this is kid is pretty lucky? He is loved everywhere he turns! We had a great time at home with all of you! I love you!

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Alaina said...

What sweet photos! Looks like a wonderful time!!!