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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home a Week

Wes'1st Plane Ride!

Wes and I have been home more than a week and I can't really tell you why I haven't yet posted. I guess I've lost my blogging mojo some. Also, I'm on day three of attempting to get this post up and am only a third of the way through the pictures from the trip... so I think I might be dividing the pics into two posts or else it's going to be two weeks before I post it!

Meeting Grandma Annie at the Airport... think there's some love there?

Our trip back to Indiana was, as always, too brief. Going "home" is always a little bit of a double edged sword. It was fabulous to see everyone (though of course there were many who we wanted to see and just weren't able to) and awesome to introduce Wes to so many family and friends who love him and are just now getting to meet him. But it also makes me homesick and long for family living a lot closer.

We got to see so many people while we were back which was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Meeting Great Uncle Rich and Paula

Meeting his Grand-God-Mother Sandy :)

Meeting his Great-Great Aunt Joan Dee (is that right Annie?)

Meeting his Great Grandad Doty (my paternal grandfather)

Three generations... At least the first two are looking at the camera!

Meeting the cousins!

This meeting people and going new places sure does wear you out!

With Pop-Pop at the zoo

Checking out Albie with Grandpa Jay

With Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Mikey

I love this picture! With Grandma Alice

Getting love from cousin Raley

Aunt Jamie with three adorable kids

"Who's back there? You sound like Mommy!"

We also did some stuff. We went to the Indianapolis Zoo and Mass Ave. Toys. We ate out several places, including delicious Greek food in Fountain Square, a cute French bistro in downtown Carmel and of course Steak n' Shake. And let me just say thank goodness there isn't one of those near us! With their shake happy hours with half priced shakes from 2 to 4pm I would NEVER lose my baby weight! I also took Wesley swimming for the first time and to his first Hamilton County 4-H Fair Queen Pageant! For those that don't know I was queen back in 1997. So it was fun to revisit that world. Litte has changed. Wes also attended his first baseball practice or tried to, ate his first solid food with little enthusiasm and saw his first fireworks!

In the goat petting area of the zoo

At the end of our zoo trip... it was hot!

Wes and I at Mass Ave. toys... There was A LOT to look at!

At his first softball practice... raising a "true" American :)

And just because... Wes doing his best chalk outline impression

More pictures to come in a future post...


JayD said...

I don't know why I hadn't seen this post yet but it is WONDERFUL!! I love the picture of him sleeping in the car seat with his hat cocked to the side. :-)

Merrilee said...

So cute!!!!!! It looks like you had a great time!!!!

Jenn (Sarah's friend) said...

What a lovely post. Sounds like you had a great time and it is so great to see the whole family. Wes and Raley are getting so big!

Alice said...

love the chalk outline! So Wes.

Savage Lotus said...

It was so much fun! Love you Jenna!
Yer Hub.