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Sunday, July 4, 2010

400th Post... on the Glorious 4th!

Wesley relaxing with lambie, one of his new toys from Grandma Annie... oh, and a towel on his head!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I have a lot to update about as we have been having a great time visiting with family and friends back here in Indiana for over a week now (hence the quietness of the blog) but today I'm just here to say Happy Fourth of July! It has been spent quietly at my in-laws with my parents coming over for a late lunch... we plan to walk to where we can see the fireworks in a few hours... all in all, perfect!

The family at Conner Prairie yesterday for the Glorious 3rd!


Anonymous said...

Ooohhh! I'm jealous that you got to be there this weekend. I just posted about how things here in Bangkok are not quite as fun on this day. Missing some good singing of "Hail Colombia"! ;-)

-rachel :o)

p.s. Do they still have a roast down at the Baker's? I often wonder whatever happened to our special little clay people buried behind the house... :-P

Jenny said...

oh, rachel, the bakers no longer live in town. :( and no, they don't.
The militia, however, cooks up a MEAN meal for their poor tired protectors of our liberty... This year they sent out a note offering (with the staff) to share -- we could pre-order and pay $5 for roasted pork, piles of sides, etc. TOO BAD I WAS GONE. Sounded like a delicious deal!
p.s. jenna, how long are you kids here for? I'd love to see you but realize I caught your tail-end!