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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wesley's First Doctor Visit

Wesley had his first pediatrician's visit this past Thursday (yes, the blogging is going a little more slowly than it has been in the past).

As it was our first trip out of the house since coming home, we had to get all dressed up! Here we are in our safari outfit, and crocheted booties! He was rocking it out in his car seat and ready to go!

Wait a minute! No one said coming to the doctor's officce meant getting undressed! We HATE getting undressed! This was just before we got his weight taken. His birth weight was 6lbs 14oz. He weighed 6lbs 7oz when we left the hospital and he was down to 6lbs 5oz at this appointment. All of that is quite typical. We hope that he will have gained weight by the next time he is weighed (and with how much he is filling his diapers I will find it hard to believe if he hasn't).

Getting all of our vitals checked out... everything looked good, with the exception of a bump of fluid on his head. More on that later in the post...

Here we are with mommy, much happier all bundled up! Mommy also met with her midwife at this visit and had her blood pressure meds upped. I am happy to report that as of this writing the medicine seems to be working and hopefuuly as postpartum continues my levels will also continue to settle.
As I said above, the only thing of concern is the liquid-filled bump on the left side of his head. We are not sure if it was formed during the last few weeks of my pregnancy when his head was low in my pelvis or if it was formed during the birth process. But as the rest of the swelling on his head has gone down the bump has not. And as Reid and I are proud card carrying members of the over-protective and paranoid parent society, we called the pediatrician today and made an appointment for a check up tomorrow rather than waiting for another week and two days until his two week appt. She will probably take one look at it and say, "yeah, it's fine and will go away on its own." But that will at least give us peace of mind. And... we might even get to sneak a peak at his weight while we're there!

All snuggled in and ready to head back home!

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Dan and Kate Ambrose said...

Claire HATED the getting undressed part of doctors visits too. Now it's her favorite part! :)

He is too precious for words, I love his little outfit. What a beautiful family you have, Jenna! So happy for both you and Reid!