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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Pics of Wesley

Since I don't know when I'll be able to write a full blog post I thought I'd just post pictures and let them speak for most of our last two days. Pediatrician's visit to follow.

I love this picture... just look how little his fingers are! Of course this picture also shows how swollen my fingers still are. I am still battling with my blood pressure... not sure why but it is actually higher now than it was when I was on bedrest and pregnant. So, we've upped my medication amounts and are hoping that will bring my numbers down. Prayers/good thoughts are appreciated! :)

Here we are, ready for safari and showing off our adorable booties that great-aunt Amy gave us!

This is one of our favorite looks... burrito baby!

Did you know it takes two parents to change a diaper? Well... for the first especially dirty one it did!

"Baby Power!"

"Will I make them dance?"

One of our favorite places to sleep... on mommy!

See? I do exist in pictures! It's just that most that have been taken involve either me without a shirt on (and thus not quite appropriate for the internet) or I am doing this in them! And yes, Wesley is laying on his side. When we put him in the bassinet he was on his back. He has now done this, on his own several times...

And I love this picture too! This was this evening... just lounging on mom, he is completely relaxed!

On an unrelated note, please say a prayer or think a good thought about our 2 year old beagle Winston. He had another seizure today (his second in three weeks) while Reid and I were at the pediatrician's office today. Luckily my mom was home with him. He went to the vet this afternoon and got blood drawn. Unfortunately as he hates needles they had to sedate him. He is now laying on the sofa sleeping it off. We won't have the test results until Monday after which we'll be able to make some decisions about how to proceed with his care. Poor little guy...


Tater Mama said...

Congratulations! Wesley is beautiful, and I love his name! (Wesley is my husband's middle name, and it's Tater Tot's middle name, too!)

I love the pictures, especially the one where Wesley is swaddled. There is something so sweet about a baby who is all wrapped up and sleeping peacefully.

Sleep when you can and take people up on help when they offer it. That's my advice to every new Mama! (Don't let yourself get so tired that you slap someone! Hahaha!)

I'm so happy for you!

jody said...

These pics are so beautiful Jenna! I'm so happy for you all. Hope the B/P drops soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I sent you two packages of Wesley "stuff" a couple of weeks ago....hope you got them OK!
Love to you all!

Jenny S. said...

Thanks for posting pics for all of us out here wanting to see them. They are gorgeous. Love 'em, love 'em.
And yes, I'm a big fan of the burrito baby too. Mark insisted on being swaddled until he was *7 months old*. (We had to get bigger blankets!!!)
Anyway, your baby is gorgeous, and get lots of rest and enjoy.

Merrilee said...

Yay!!! Wesley is so cute and those pictures are adorable!!!! I'm sorry to hear about your b/p and Winston; definitely be praying for all of you!!!

JayD said...

I really like the "Baby Power" one.