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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mainly for the grandparents in Indianapolis, here are a few pictures from the last few days:

What is that lurking in the bassinet?

On closer inspection, you can see that there are two of them...

Aha! They are feet! This is the position that had us fooled into thinking that he was still head up at 35 and 36 weeks... I had his butt wedged under my ribs on the right side and one or both of those heels wedged across my middle into my left side for most of the final weeks of pregnancy! He still really likes to lay with his feet stretched out all the way in front (or above) him!

Mommy with her baby boy... I am most definitely in love.

Mommy with one of her other babies... Winston. In case anyone was wondering, Winston's bloodwork came back completely normal, which means that he most likely just has epilepsy. We are going to hold off on putting him on medication as he has only had the three seizures and all of them were "mild" in comparison with what they could be. The medication has potential side effects so we really only want to give it to him if he NEEDS it. So, for now, we'll just wait and see and hope he doesn't have another one for a long time...

Oh so comfy in our bassinet!

Rocking our hoodie and matching cargo pants on our way to the pediatrician's office yesterday. We found out that Wes has gained back all but two ounces of his birth weight (he was 6lbs 12oz yesterday, 6lbs 14oz at birth). This is a great sign meaning that breast feeding is going really well! The doctor also looked at the big bump on his head and stated that she still feels like it is a hematoma that will go down on its own. But they did take a head circumference and if it hasn't gone down at all by next week we'll do a scan just to make sure that nothing else is a miss. It certainly doesn't seem to be affecting him in the slightest as he is growing, alert and super cute!

Here is our serious thinking (okay, sleeping) baby... and you can sort of see the bump that I'm talking about on the left side of his head.

And I love these up close pictures of baby parts... baby fingers and baby ears. And he is starting to fill out all of that extra skin he was born with!


Ann said...

Oh Jenna, Too cute! "leg" Neilsen. That seemed to be his favorite position from the start. I can see the bump in the one picture and I understand your concern. I will trust the doctor knows what she's talking about. It is so strange to see that little face...a cross between Reid, you and your mom right now! Of course, I've never seen a baby pic of your dad!

JayD said...

Though I am not in Indy I am sorta close. And I really do like the pictures too.
Be even more fun to give you hugs in just 12 days!!

Jenna said...

Well, technically none of you are IN Indianapolis... it was a generalization.... :)

mrsmeagher said...

He is so cute, Jenna! And congratulations on his weight gain! I know it was such a relief for me to learn that Eliza was gaining weight so that I knew she was nursing well!