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Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 Month Old!

My baby is one month old (according to the 4 week lunar cycle anyway) today! I can not believe that just four weeks ago they handed me my son for the first time in the hospital. We have all learned so much about one another in the last four weeks...

I want to remember each little thing that you do Wesley and I know that I won't. But I thought I would try to document some of the things that you are doing right now so I won't forget.

You have never known a world where you were not loved by more than two adults. In fact, your maternal grandmother has been with us waiting for your arrival since Christmas. She was in the delivery room for your arrival for which I will always be grateful. It was only afterwards that she told me that you are the first baby she has ever seen delivered as she did not have a mirror to see either my sister or I. What a blessing to have her here.

Relaxing on grandma...

Yeah... we like relaxing on grandma!

Your maternal grandfather came this past week and got to meet you as well... how tiny you look in his big hands.

Look how little you look!

I look forward to taking many more pictures of you in his hands to see you growing!

Grandpa Doty with his first grandson

Both grandma and grandpa drove away towards home in Indiana on Friday morning. It was certainly hard to let them go.

Your aunt Sarah and cousin Raley also came for this past week. Raley was very sweet with you frequently checking on you when you cried and patting you while you slept. I can't wait to see the two of you growing up together, no doubt a "recipe for disaster" as the years go on!

Meeting your aunt Sarah and cousin Raley (while being supervised by Albie the westie)

Raley loving on Auntie Jenna and Wesley

Mommy dropped Sarah and Raley off at the airport this morning... and for the first time since your arrival it was just mommy, daddy and you in the house. But... I think we're ready for it! And in just two weeks your paternal grandparents will arrive to shower you with even more love!

Now, for the things you can do...

You are a great nurser. You had a little bit of trouble in the hospital but the day we got home it was like a switch went off in your head and you have become a champ. You have gained weight (we will see on Tuesday how much since your last checkup). You are filling out. I love your little milk tummy that was not there when you were born. You are not incredibly patient when it comes to waiting for the breast to be yeilded. But as soon as it is in front of you, you instantly quiet down. Sometimes you like to take your time latching on and sometimes you bite down with ferocity. At this point I am practicing on-demand feeding rather than trying to pressure you and me into a schedule. There will be plenty of time for that in coming months. I am so proud of you and your breastfeeding achievements.
You sleep for short and long stretches. The longest you go is four hours but those are very infrequent. Three is more common at night and two hour stretches during the day.

You have quite a few periods during the day that mommy calls your "lucid" periods. During these you look around. You love to stick your feet straight out from your body, especially while lying on your back. You also still pull your legs in tight to you (what we call the frog leg position) especially while getting your diaper changed because it makes it more challenging for the changer!

Speaking of diapers, you are filling a lot of them! You frequently "announce" the need for a clean diaper with a loud noise that accompanies your dirtying of the diaper... the noise just makes me laugh, even when it comes literally seconds after placing a clean diaper on you.

You have just started really focusing on faces and objects. You had a staring contest this morning with the hanging animals in your bouncy seat. I'm afraid they won. But you put up a good fight!

"They are staring at me!"

You are reaching for objects already in your bassinet, a feat that both of your grandmothers have said you are awfully young to be doing. We have hung toys on the edge of your bassinet and then watched as you focused all of your might on reaching out and moving them. And the frequency with which they move lets us know that it isn't sheer coincidence.

You smile the most beautiful smiles, usually while sleeping or nursing. You also have an adorable half smile where only one side of your mouth lifts, almost like a smirk. I can't wait to see you smile at us.... that will be a real thrill.

The hematoma on your head has caused us concern but all of the healthcare professionals tell us that there is no need. You were a trooper during your ultrasound and the bump is slowly going down (now it is a bump with a divet in the middle... but the edges will eventually go down too). You have also survived the first round of flu that hit our house (and both your daddy and mommy) this week. Somehow you miraculously did not get sick (knock on wood and say a prayer that you won't still come down with it) and were very accomodating with a mommy who was loopy on anti-nauseau medication. You even got your first bottle a few days shy of today so that we could avoid giving you breast milk tainted with the drug as it made you sleepy. And, like everything, you took the bottle like a champ.

You are a master of funny faces already... a master.

"Arrgh, matey!"


You will sleep for short periods in your bassinet. But your favorite place to sleep, by far, is in someone's arms. And I admit, I let you do it alot. Because I know how quickly these tiny baby days are flying by and I want to cherish every single minute. The laundry and the housework in general will still be there... Let's snuggle now.

Eating your sleeve... but looking adorable in your 0-3month sleeper and hat that now fit!

Sleeping on daddy's chest... right where we want to be! (taken just a few minutes ago)


JayD said...

Whew! What a trip!
Three to four week old babies aren't to good at playing or conversing but this little guy sure is a cutie!! He will get around to that playing and conversing soon enough. I think he is pretty darn special!

JennaN said...

Thanks Dad! We think so too... I am really glad you were able to come out even if it was a bit of a whirlwind.