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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Week Between Christmas and New Year

Yes, yes... I'm very behind. But here is the week between Christmas and New Year in pictures (with a couple from Christmas eve and Christmas day thrown in for good measure).

This is probably my favorite picture from the week... there are actually several in the series. She just sat down next to Winston and served him tea... and then joined him by having her own cup. And honestly, I think Winston ate up the attention... He was just so cute with her.

Raley loved serving tea to the dogs... Tater was not so sure about being given an empty cup!

Frankly, neither was Albie.

This is the custom wine rack that Reid made for Sarah and Dan for Christmas. It holds six bottles and if I do say so myself... it's pretty darn awesome!

This is the mayhem that comes from having a nearly two year old in your living room... I wish I could say that this was at the end of the week but it wasn't... this was a regular occurence and it looked like this every day about fifteen minutes after she was up.

But look how cute she is with her mommy! Totally worth the mess...

I love this picture because I love her coat and hat! She went outside to chase her daddy's new remote control car! So much fun...

Winston was doing his civic duty by cleaning any and all crumbs from Raley's car seat!

What is one of the best toys of Christmas? Why the wrapping parts of course! Raley climbed in this bag and spent several fun-filled moments popping out like a present.

Raley helped Winston find the PERFECT toy (which of course was at the bottom of the toy basket)... no, my dogs aren't spoiled at all :)

What nearly two year old doesn't accessorize with her parents' Flip on one arm and baby doll on the other?

This was Raley helping me put on one of my favorite Christmas presents... fleece lined crocs! They might not be "stylish" but I have worn them almost every day since I got them! They are so comfy, warm and most important for a pregnant lady... they slip on! Thanks Sarah and Dan!

Who doesn't play piano with one hand while holding a rubber chicken dog toy in the other? She's a multi-tasker!

Raley and grandpa reading a story.

We made gingerbread cookies... this was Raley's part of the process. Needless to say the cookies actually got rolled out and made during naptime. But she was a very good dough stabber/eater (and she ate several pinches of flour as well)!

Playing follow the leader at the dinner table... a favorite of Raley's!

Still a little too small for snowboarding (maybe next year?)... but her daddy got to go snowboarding at Wolf Creek twice and sandboarding at the Great Sand Dunes once so he was happy!

The best we could get with two dogs, a squirming Raley and two adults.

I really like this picture... for some reason the morning that they were leaving Raley was all about Uncle Reid. She wanted to play with him and be held by him and was very happy to pose for pictures with him.

Sarah, Dan and Raley just before they started on their drive back to Long Beach, CA. I wish they could have stayed forever... but of course they can't. I certainly look forward to my next visit to southern Cali!

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JayD said...

YEAH!! More pictures.
She is a cute little thing isn't she...but I sure look forward to seeing Wesley too.