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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ready or Not...

We took this evening's last minute opportunity to take a picture of Wesley's new digs before he arrives...

Here is Wesley's crib complete with monkey mobile, safari wall hanging and LOTS of blankets and quilts... this baby will not get cold!

Here are a few of Wesley's stuffed friends waiting for him to come home!

Wes' changing table... he has more clothes than I do and that is NOT an exaggeration... the bins here are full of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes!

And finally... Tater was kind enough a few nights ago to try out the co-sleeper for us (when it was full of pillows). Winston took it as his responsibility to do so the following night. They both approve!

1 comment:

JayD said...

Tater looks comfy. Boy is he in for a rude awakening :-) And he thought it was bad when another dog or two showed up.