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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hiccups or Kicks

Yesterday while sitting at my desk between work study and rehearsal I was (literally) struck by a strange sensation. It felt a little like my breastbone was jumping, once every couple of seconds. It went on for about fifteen/twenty times and then stopped.

After the third or fourth I realized that it was obviously not me but somebody inside of me. I am still not sure whether it was kicking or hiccups. Everyone says that hiccups are light tickling. This was definitely not that. It was like someone was knocking for admittance on my sternum. But he has never kicked that many times in one place either.

So, the jury is still out. I'm betting kicks. But I'll just have to wait and see (assuming of course that there will be more hiccuping instances to compare to). What do you think? Hiccups or kicks?


Alice said...

Hiccups! Bet he was head up and that was what was hitting your breastbone. that many times that quick, hiccups!
told you they felt funny! LOL

Carrie said...

I vote for hiccups, too! Eliza'a hiccups were never light, tickling sensations. They were belly-shaking, could be seen across the the room movements!!

amy said...

I agree with your mom - hiccups. Too frequent of movements in the same place? Either he's hiccuping or he's doing a very, very syncopated dance.