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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving bloggy-land and blog readers! Reid and I are staying here in Colorado for the holiday. That is in part because I only have Wednesday-Friday off of school which would make for a really hurried trip back to Indiana and also because I need to spend most of Friday and Saturday in the costume shop working on costumes (there is still MUCH to be done). Then Sunday is our cue-to-cue and tech rehearsals for Alice.

Today Reid and I spent a good portion of the day cleaning our downstairs (the upstairs will have to be another day... or probably another weekend!). It has been so long that I forgot how much more comforting a clean house is than a messy one. Of course, we only cleaned because we have people coming over tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes giving ourselves outside motivators really does help!

Our pumpkin pies are currently baking. Tomorrow I have put Reid in charge of the turkey and mashed potatoes. I'm tackling the easy stuffing and gravy! And then tomorrow evening it will be time to put up our Christmas tree! Hooray! This will be Winston's first Christmas with us... so we will definitely be watching him like a hawk with the tree.

In other news, I have been battling (unsuccessfully) a cold/cough for almost two weeks now. I finally broke down and called my midwife on Monday who kindly called me in a prescription (after hours!) for a cough medicine with codeine in it. I still am coughing badly throughout the day but at least I'm getting good sleep at night. I still wake up many times to pee or change positions but with the codeine haze I can get back to sleep pretty quickly (as opposed to without it where I laid awake for two separate hours Sunday into Monday night coughing). If it hasn't lessened by Friday morning (and honestly I see no reason why it will) I'll be calling to see if my midwife is in the office as I think it might have moved from just a cough to a respiratory infection... and goodness knows with Alice opening in a week and a half there is no time for one of those!

Anyway, happy gobble day everyone!


JayD said...

And happy gobbling to you too!!

Alice said...

Tell us how your dinner went.
Love ya