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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Few Things...

A quick post with a few things about pregnancy that I don't want to forget.

-Yesterday morning I laid in bed awake for half an hour. Wesley moved about once every two minutes for the entire time. Sometimes it was a slow roll and sometimes a quick jab outwards. He was laying across me so I had movement mainly in my lower left abdomen and in my upper right side (just below my ribs). And of course, as soon as I grabbed Reid's hand and placed it there Wesley stopped... and didn't kick/move again for the next ten minutes. We have a stubborn son already.

-No one prepares you for just how much you can feel the stretching/growing of your body. I literally feel my pelvis muscles stretching with every step I take. Sometimes, especially after I've eaten or when I'm driving in the car and therefore forced into a specific space, I feel the skin and muscles over the top of my stomach stretching. Sometimes it makes me feel like there is simply no room for my lungs in there, I assume when he is riding really high. Then a minute later I can breath just fine... and the stretching down below sets in again (as he moves back down). And yes, I know... it's only going to get worse but that doesn't really matter right now... right now it can be pretty intense.

-As of tomorrow I am officially in my third trimester. I have to admit, I get teary just thinking about meeting my son... boy am I going to be a mess by February!


JayD said...

A mess??? Nah, just a mom :-)

Alice said...

A mess?? Well, as long as I don't have to do most of the cleaning, you'll do ! LOL

Merrilee said...

How amazing to feel your body work like that. And how amazing that our bodies CAN work like this. Now I'm getting teary-eyed after reading your blog...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for telling me about your blog. Congrats on the little life inside waiting to meet you! It is really fun... and a real mess being a mom :-). Just a few weeks ago when my son (age 4) was going potty, I heard hilarious laughter from the bathroom and then the comment, "Mom, look what happens when you stir the poop!" I was just glad to find out that he used the toilet brush for stirring and not his hand...;-P The toilet brush was easy enough to throw away and replace. Since you're having a boy, I'm sure you'll get the pleasure of these experiments one day, too! :-) ...a different kind of mess, I know, but the kind that's also sure to come :-)

Big hugs and congrats to you from the other side of the world,
-rachel :o)

p.s. I have a blog too - it has the same ending as yours and mer's but the first part is everyonesmiles. hope that makes sense :-)