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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad Blogger

So... I realize that I have been a really horribly blogger the last month or two. Quite frankly I'm just too busy during the day... and the evenings to do much blogging. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland started rehearsals three weeks ago. We have one more full week of rehearsals. Then a couple of days until Thanksgiving Break.... we come back from break with two tech rehearsals on the sunday after Thanksgiving and then it is tech and dress rehearsals all the way through to the performances. We have ten performances in ten days. It should be a hectic time and there is a LOT of tech to plug in between now and when we open. But it will all get done.

On the baby front, I had my 27 week appointment this past Thursday. As of this coming thursday I will be officially in my third trimester. This trimester has gone really well and it has gone by really quickly. With luck that is how the third trimester will go as well. At my appointment my blood pressure was still in an acceptable range. I gained four pounds this past month, also acceptable. I did have protein in my urine for the second consecutive appointment (sorry if that is TMI but I have to put it here or I may not remember it later!). But since my blood pressure was okay she is going to let it go and we'll check again next appointment. My next appointment will be in three weeks, the day before Alice opens!

Wesley has been verily active. He kicks/pushes/head butts a fair amount. His two favorite spots to do so are on my right side just below my rib cage and straight downward onto my cervix (again, too much info?? sorry). We have a phrase in my family when you go over a bump in the car that makes your stomach lurch. We call it a "wee daddy bump." Well... when Wes kicks downwards like that it is the strongest wee daddy bump I've ever fellt... and unlike when I'm in the car I have no advanced warning as to when it is coming. Certainly a strange sensation, especially when I'm teaching or in a meeting!

Otherwise, life is good. Reid is plugging away at work. He just had their tax lien sale this past week so hopefully life will settle down for them for a little while. Our pets are fine... And I'm looking forward to the holidays!


Alice said...

I'm a worse blooger and I can't wait for Christmas either.

Merrilee said...

I agree with Alice, I'm a bad, bad, bad blogger but I'm glad to hear that everything is going well! And you must be getting so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

Well, I don't blog at all and I barely keep up with facebook... so you're doing great. Can't believe how fast time is flying. Hope you are over your cold. don't over work!

JayD said...

Yeah, what they said!