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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Midwife Update

I had my 22 week check up this week and overall things are going very well. In bullet format:
  • My blood pressure is still behaving itself. Hooray!
  • I have gained a bit more weight than perhaps I should have by this point. Jayne didn't exactly put it like that but she did say "8 pounds since your last appointment? That's kind of a lot, don't you think?" Couldn't have anything to do with the incredibly yummy cake and dips I ate all weekend long or my recent propensity for brownie sundaes could it? Ah well... I guess I have to give up having ice cream EVERY night for awhile.
  • At my next appointment (which will be 26 weeks) I get to take the oh-so-fun glucose test. Let's hope, hope, hope that comes back fine. Gestational diabetes is not something I want to deal with...
  • Everything on our ultrasound came back normal. He's growing and measuring the way he's supposed to and all of his organs are developing correctly. I had assumed that was the case as no one had called us to schedule more test... but it's still nice to officially hear.
  • The ultrasound measurements put our due date at 2/09... for those who aren't keeping track, we've now had Feb. 3, 9 and 13 as due dates. Or as Jayne put it, we're just "all over the map." Since the 10 week ultrasound is supposed to be the most accurate in terms of measurement we're officially sticking with 2/13. However, Jayne agreed that he could really come any time after Martin Luther King Jr. Day (1/18/2010 and thus one month prior to the latest possible due date) and that would be fine. Do you hear that Wesley? You must stay baking until at least 1/18/2010!
  • I am quickly nearing less than a hundred days left (to the last possible due date)... got to admit I'm getting excited!


Jamie said...

Umm...Dip. Did I mention at I gained 3 tenths of a pound at my Jenny weigh in. Oh well, that was some really good cake.

Jamie said...

Oh and Yeah for Wesley being a January, I mean February, I mean Winter Baby! The question is do you like Garnet better or Amethyst? Just kidding :)

Alice said...

As early as 1/18 huh???? Glad I haven't got a flight booked yet! LOL

Julie said...

Most first time moms gestate approximately 41 weeks. So frankly, due dates are a myth.

Stephanie said...

I think he'll be born on January 25th.