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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Today Reid and I went to a joint birthday party for a one year old and a three year old of some of my colleagues. We took the dogs along and they had a good time getting lots of pets from the children and eating all of the dropped fruit from the fruit basket!

Tomorrow I will be attending the first Adams State theatre auditions of the season. I'm the senior thesis advisor for the student shows that are auditioning tomorrow. I am excited for them and excited to see our freshman audition! I know I haven't really mentioned school here lately (my how times change hunh?) but we are three weeks into our fall schedule and school is going well. I love our students and love my job. This semester has definitely been a little easier than the last two years in that I'm teaching all classes that I've taught before (except one special topics improv class). That means a lot less stressful final moments when I'm trying to figure out what should and shouldn't be included in a lesson plan. Of course I tweak and revise classes every semester, but that is not nearly the work of creating a new course from scratch... which is good because I do have to admit that I'm a little distracted lately! Baby is definitely taking a fair share of my attention (and he or she is not here yet!). I am also gearing up for Alice in Wonderland which I am directing and costume designing at the end of the semester. I know that it will be a crazy rat race to the end... so I'm enjoying the down time now... and building puppets that will be in the show! I built the head of the first one on Friday. As we get them completed I will definitely take pictures to share.

And this weekend I am also working on my retention folder (blick) which has to be turned in Tuesday. It is never a fun job to reflect on the past year, what went well and what didn't. I feel with the retention folders you have to walk the tight rope of "I'm such a great teacher you really can't afford not to have me" and "I'm humble and still have a lot to learn." To say that I will be glad when it is turned in and done is an understatement! And I'm going to try really hard in January to write mine for next year then... so I won't have to write it next fall!


JayD said...

Ah yes, the retention folder. What fun. But they sure would be remiss in not retaining you, so no worry, man (I can't type Bahamian).

Alice said...

I'll crack the whip in Jan. while I am there, ok??