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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello World! says the newest Neilsen

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning! And though the tech could not officially tell us that everything is fine (the doctor has to look at the measurements and interpret the pictures for that) she seemed to think that off the record everything is exactly as it should be. What a relief! And yes, we did find out the gender... so, I'll turn it over to the baby for introductions...

The littlest Mr. Neilsen wanted to say hello... but he was too busy sucking on his thumb! I might be a little biased but I think his profile is down right adorable.

The ornery little guy had his legs straight out (rather than folded in) almost the entire time... news flash to him, he's going to keep getting bigger and the room is going to feel like it's getting much smaller! At some point, those knees are going to have to bend! (the feet are to the right, knees in the middle)

And this picture is proof positive... there is a little boy in there! Won't he love that I posted this picture when he's twelve? :)

Oh look! He is waving hello after all! We're halfway there (20 out of the 40 weeks)... so it won't be too long until we get to see those little fingers in person!


Deborah Bates Cavitt said...

I'm happy for all of you.

amy said...

Oh! and what a boy he is!

Congrats Jenna and Reid!

JayD said...

Hey if he gets here with all his parts working that is the main thing :-)
Glad to know that they are all there and apparently working at this point.
Now that you have had 24 hours what do you think about this?

Sarah said...

Hello nephew! Can't wait to meet you!

Alice said...

well, my laptop is not talking to itself and tonight is the first I've seen of these!!
Got a mind of his own already huh?? Well, that will make two for two in that department!