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Thursday, September 10, 2009

18 weeks...

And all is well (says the town crier).

I had my 18 week check up this morning. My blood pressure is still behaving itself (hooray! The biggest worry of the pregnancy so far). So, at this point I will continue to be the "salt nazi" and the dogs will continue to enjoy their at least one, usually two, walk(s) each day.

Otherwise, my weight gain is fine. I've been okayed for the plane ride back to Indy the second weekend of October. And the baby's heartbeat is thumping away! Two weeks (from today!) we find out the gender of the baby (hopefully... if the baby is cooperating).


Alice said...

I hope we find out too. I want to find something blue or pink!!

JayD said...

And thanks to the town crier. GOOD JOB there crier!!

Chris said...

Can't wait...to see you, to find out if bump is a he or she and mostly can't wait to meet this little person!