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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Garden Overfloweth...

With some items. This has definitely been a learning year for me. Perhaps the biggest lesson... don't plant when you're angry. I got mad that most of the plants I transplanted this past spring from inside the house to outside died. So one rainy cold afternoon I went out and mounded a whole bunch of dirt and stuck in a whole bunch of zucchini and squash seeds. Oh yes I did. And everyone of them thrived. Meaning we have SO MANY ZUCCHINIS AND SQUASH that we could never possibly use them all/save them all/give them all away. But we're trying our hardest.

I've also learned to plant my rows of root vegetables (carrots and beets) thinner. I pulled so many seedlings out because they were just too close together and am still having carrots growing interwined with one another. Also, one packag of carrot seeds is probably more than enough for us (I planted two). Ditto with the beets (though at least beets are easy to pickle and save for later).

My cucumber plants did nothing. They definitely did not thrive.

The pumpkins are doing well and so long as there isn't a terrible frost in the next few weeks, we should have five or six pumpkins off two plants.

Our tomato plants have many fruits... and all of them are still green. Some have been like that for a month now. We think it gets too cold at night for them to ripen. Same thing with our pepper plants (they are supposed to be yellow and red peppers... and they're all still green). And you can only make so many fried green tomatoes.

And finally our snow peas were doing really well for a little while... and have now mostly shrivelled and gone to seed. Our lettuce and spinach did very well... and those are both seeding now as well.

And that's our garden! Live and learn (and be thankful I'm not actually trying to support my family on this 25 square foot space).


Jenny said...

Here is a flash-back of "yep, much the same" proportions:
The Liberty Corner garden
lots of green tomatoes, plants just full of them
Carrots and beets planted too close together (you're supposed to thin them out and we didnt)
slim on cukes
(Did I mention that they ended up putting in 19!!! tomato plants???)

Stephanie said...

So jealous!!! I would LOVE to have a garden . . . but alas, not in an apartment :-(

Alice said...

About those tomatoes. Find yourself a green chow-chow recipe. That will use them and you can pickle carrot or just plain can them. You need a root cellar! LOL

Merrilee said...

Wow, what a bounty!! I agree with Alice, you need a root cellar! Start digging!!!

We haven't had much of a crop of anything this year: bunnies ate my beets, it's been too wet for the tomatoes, and my berries were accidently sprayed. So, I haven't done any canning... However, if you've got extra squash, I'd take one or two off your hands!!