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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Houston... we have a heartbeat. We had our second midwife appointment this morning and it was exclusively for a fetal heart check (since we hadn't heard it last time). Within fifteen to twenty seconds of searching, Jayne had found the heartbeat. It was strong and fast and definitely a baby heartbeat... I'll admit. I got a little teary.

She had a student with her and after finding the heartbeat she passed the doppler over to the student for her to try and find it. She searched for a few minutes and couldn't find one. So Jayne took the doppler back... and after several minutes of trying (during which she said "this is a battle of wills") she finally admitted defeat and asked if we were satisfied. We said that as long as she, the expert, was then we were too. After all, we had most definitely heard it and it was good and strong... But yes, at 11 weeks, our little one is already proving that he/she can and will be obstinant. Without a doubt, it seemed as though he/she was saying, "I am not a performing seal. You heard it once. That is plenty good enough. Now I'll swim over to this other side of the uterus and hide from you." And if that is indeed the case... in not very long, Reid and I are going to have our hands full!

In a completely unrelated note... what before the baby would have been headline news, we bought a new (for us) vehicle! It's a 2008 Dodge Nitro, which is a mid-sized SUV. We were looking for something with lower mileage (our current cars, which we'll still drive from home to work and back, both have over 150,000 on them), that has 4WD (we do live in a mountainous state), higher clearance and lots of storage space... for all that baby/metalworking stuff. And we found it! As soon as I get the pictures downloaded I'll post some. It makes me giggle a little every time I see it 'cause it's so boxy.


JayD said...

And when we talked you didn't even mention the new Nitro! Hmmm, I wonder where your mind was???? :-)

Julie said...

congratulations on the new addition. giggle giggle. Both of them.

Merrilee said...

What color is your Nitro? Someone in town drives one that is fire-engine red with flames on the sides. I'm assuming that your's is a different color??