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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Southern California... Here I am!

So... I'm in sunny southern Cali and have been here since yesterday afternoon. The drive was uneventful, but entirely too long (in large part because I went through the mountains which is mileage shorter but I don't think it saved me any time)... I spent the night in Camp Verde, AZ, a town south of Flagstaff and north of Phoenix. A fine place, but my goodness was it hot! My car said that in Phoenix it was 99 degrees at 9:15am!

Since being in Long Beach, I have:

1. Had my first (non raw) sushi... it won't be my last!

2. Had my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell School... and was very pleased to learn from the instructor that the stylist who cuts my hair in Alamosa (at our Great Clips equivalent, which I did not tell her) has chosen the "perfect" cut, length and shaping for my hair. SO.... apparently ritzier doesn't mean better.

3. Shopped at Ikea and Babies R Us.

4. Babysat my niece so that my sister and her husband could go see the Harry Potter movie... one of their few "dates" since Raley has arrived.... in fact, that is what I'm doing now. Raley is sleeping... and I'm typing.

Tomorrow... the fabric district! Yeah... I'm excited!

1 comment:

Merrilee said...

I love non-raw sushi!!!! Yummy!!! Hope you had fun at the fabric district!!!