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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pregnancy Thus Far

So, I've had both books and a friend suggest keeping a pregnancy journal. I've written in it a few times but the truth is, I'm just not a good journaler (think that's a word? Somehow I doubt it). I don't like writing by hand (it takes me too long) and it's always in another room or... no, I don't actually have any other excuses for why I don't do it except I don't enjoy it.

But my blog has, in many ways, become like a journal for me. I look back from time to time at posts and see where I was an what I was doing at those points. All of that to say, from time to time I might start posting this type of post... a post that is really more for me to remember than it is to entertain my readers... though feel free to read it. Those of you who have gone through pregnancy, I'm sure you can relate. Those who haven't, I'm sure you can at least sympathize as I assume you were born and thus carried in a pregnancy. And if it gets too personal... sorry, it's my blog. :)

Anyway, there are things that no one ever told me about pregnancy. Or if they did I just didn't listen or it didn't register. Some of them include:

1. Your breast grow fast and way out of proportion with the rest of you growing! I think these humongous developments are unexpected in their quick (and seems hasty) arrival. I have already firmly moved into the next largest cup size (see Dad... I told you it might get too personal). And a few nights last week I actually had to sleep in a sports bras because they hurt so much if I didn't. My mother loves to tell me that she had to wear a bras 24/7 her last two months of pregnancy with me. What can I say? Karma is nasty.

2. No one told me that long before feeling the baby move, I would feel him/her moving in and setting up house keeping. I read that my uterus will grow (to something like 40 times its regular size!) and that it has in fact, at almost eleven weeks now, doubled in size. What you don't read is that you can actually feel it growing. At times it is amazingly similar to the growing pains I experienced in my pre-teen years, in my legs and arms especially. It feels like it is being stretched from the inside out. Totally bizarre and unexpected. The moment he/she decides to hang up posters, however, we'll have to talk.

3. Morning sickness for me has been all-day come-and-go sickness. I believe that is actually the case for many women, but the title is just too long. I have, knock on wood, not yet thrown up. I place credit for this almost solely on the fact that it is summer vacation for me and I'm self medicating my nauseau with sleep. There was one day a week or two ago when I think I was awake for all of eight hours. I can't throw up (hopefully) if I'm asleep! That being said, again knock on wood, the last three days have not been nearly as bad.

4. Something I knew but frequently took for granted... I have one of the best husbands ever. Last night, he was playing a game on his computer in the study. I was sitting in the living room, playing a game on my laptop (such quality "family" time, I know). He yelled to me, "How you doing?" as he is prone to do several times a day (ask me how I'm feeling that is, not yell at me). I yelled to him that I was feeling a little queasy and maybe some chips would help... and some water. And wouldn't you know it? Not a minute later, there was a bowl of corn chips and a glass of water in my hands. He told me that he read in "The Pregnancy Bible" that he was supposed to be supportive so that I would not resent that I was having to go through all of the physical stuff while he didn't have to... I would highly recommend this book to anyone! :)

And... I think that's it for now. We have our next midwife appointment on Tuesday. So, I'll most likely update after that.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy!!! The first one does come with lots of surprising details that no one shares with you. Just wait until *after* the baby is born, the booby fairy will really show up then but it's not so enjoyable.

Alaina said...

Go, Reid! Way to be supportive and awesome! What an exciting journey for you both! Parenthood it amazing and life-changing. I think it's awesome the way you totally learn different sides of each other.

Alice said...

I think I am going to enjoy the journal. And yes, karma can be a kick. Oh, you forgot that I had to wear the bra for SIX MONTHS AFTER you were born too!! VBG!
And is it just fate that my word verification start with MOO??? LOL

Jenny said...

It is wonderful having a husband who is supportive of all the freaky things that his wife needs/wants while she is pregnant. Go Reid! And I am one of those who was sick for 9 months, throwing up at least every few days for all of them. Ick!
Be encouraged that even when you don't feel like eating good and healthy meals, Baby Herman will get just what he/she needs from you... :)

Merrilee said...

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your pregnancy blogs/open journals. Although I'm sorry about the day-long, periodic nauseau and the booby pains, everything else sounds exciting!!

P.S. Reid, you rock!

Jamie said...

Reid is great!
And Pregnancy is just one of those things that you try to describe to people, but you never know until you try!
I love the journal/blog. Keep it up.
Speaking of pregnancy, my verification word was "mating".