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Friday, July 3, 2009

Honey... I've Got Some News...

(This post is a continuation of the one posted yesterday, The Day My Life Changed)

So, here is how I always imagined telling Reid.

I would take a test one morning after he went to work. I would see the pregnant sign, be so excited but resist the urge to instantly call him. Instead, I would plan a fantastic dinner, program our computer to find all of the cute daddy-to-be songs I could find online, gussy myself up so that I looked and smelled good and possibly even buy a card to announce the news in a sweet way... hell, I was even imagining a printed out banner that said something sweet and cute like "You're daddy, ready or not!" or "We're a family!"... Isn't that sweet?? Yeah, this is how it happened.

I stumbled out of the bathroom, wearing one of his long sleeve shirts that I had slept in and my oh-so-attractive polar fleece pink pants (with polka dots I might add), sweating more than a little bit and my hair going in every possible direction. I was clutching the stick like my life depended on it. I plopped down next to my sweet sleeping husband (remember it's 6:10am on a Saturday) and said loudly at him, "Reid wake up. Put on your glasses and look at this." Then I shove the stick at him like it might explode. He looks at me with blurry eyes, grabs his glasses, looks at the stick, does the classic double-take eye boggle (you know where his eyes got really big) and he uttered the prophetic "Oh my!" to which I replied the equally prophetic "yeah."

Our conversation started slowly but as the shock wore off (and the fear that we were two to three months ahead of schedule started to dissipate) we started really talking and it was great... I love having a husband who is as excited about being a father as Reid is. And the best part was that I was going to see all of our parents (and Reid's sister) in a tiny bit more than 24 hours.

We plotted a little how I would tell them. And I can tell you that keeping the secret from my folks for the fourteen hours between when they picked me up and when I told them the next day was HARD (and we were asleep for all but about six of those hours) but I did it. When Reid's parents got to our house, I called Reid, put him on speaker phone (I so wish that he could have been there to see his parents' reactions) and then showed them the picture that Reid and I had taken of the positive test. They were all very pleased (especially my mother-in-law as this will be their first grandbaby)... I'm still in shock quite frankly (at least at the writing of this post maybe not by the publishing of it). But I wouldn't trade the supportive family and friends that we have for the world!

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