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Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Midwife Appointment

Reid and I attended our first midwife appointmet this past Tuesday, June 30. We spent almost forty five minutes with the nurse and almost an hour with Jane, our nurse midwife. She works in the hospital, in an office with three OBs. And I like her very much.

The nurse took all of our family history/information. She also took my vitals. She actually took my blood pressure twice. The first time was at the beginning of our time together and it was high. She asked me if I was nervous to which I believe I responded not so politely with "Are you kidding?" So she switched gears, asked us all of her questions and then took it again and it was fine. Yeah... I was nervous.

Then we met with Jane. She first talked to us, answering many questions about herself and the practice. Then she tried to listen for a heartbeat, but at exactly nine weeks decided it was just too early to hear it on the doppler. After that was good old pelvic exam time and apparently (gentlemen you probably want to stop reading) my cervix is tipped far forward and my uterus back, which is probably another reason why she couldn't yet hear the heartbeat ('cause it's too far back in my body and too little stashed under the pelvic bone like he or she still is). Then she finally drew blood (lots of blood 'cause there are all sorts of important tests apparently). Oh... and I forgot that before I started with the nurse I peed into a cup... I guess if they didn't call me with the results, then they probably confirmed I'm pregnant, hunh? :)

At the end of our appointment we scheduled another for exactly two weeks from the day (so now just a week and two days away) to check for the fetal heartbeat. We should be able to hear it at eleven weeks.

Oh... and since I'm apparently almost 10 weeks along, our estimated due date is February 3... a nice winter baby!


Deborah Bates Cavitt said...

Could be a Valentine's baby but I wouldn't wish extra weeks on you.

You will be great parents. Grandma will probably spend lots of time and get there early because of snow and such. We brought Jeff home in snow that's why Aunt Jan Jan was there. Couldn't get the car started because of all the snow.Glad she was there to talk Al down. He was one nervous guy.

Thought of baby room themes, names, or any of that other baby stuff. Just be sure to take lots of pics. BTW, you aren't showing at 10 weeks?

Jenny said...

I love that you have a nurse midwife in a hospital practice. I think it is the best of both worlds.. the care of a midwife and the safety of the hospital. i was (I confess) too lazy to search out a nurse midwife setting and went with what I got and had no complaints about my doctors, but I like the other options and hope it is a goood experience for you. :)

Merrilee said...

I'm so happy for you! I have no advice, tips, or anything for you in regards to parenting but I just wanted to say that you and Reid will be wonderful parents!!!!