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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello Old Friend...

I'm back in Colorado (have been since Wednesday afternoon). Wednesday was a long day. My travel was completely uneventful, but what with getting up at 5:30am eastern time (that's 3:30am mountain time folks), two plane rides and then a four and a half hour drive... by the time I got home I was exhausted. Case and point, I slept until almost eleven o'clock this morning. I never sleep that late. What a great hubby I have who took the dogs out and fed them and let me sleep.

Our little garden is doing well. I mean to take pictures soon and post them (though that will be a whole different adventure since my laptop won't talk to my camera anymore, some sort of lover's spat I suppose, so I have to download them to our PC and move them over). We are growing, with varying degrees of success:
Yellow Squash
Snap Beans
Snow Peas

Now, do keep in mind where I live. While many people are already harvesting fruit and vegetables from their gardens, most people here don't direct seed until Memorial Day (I did it a few days before that) and don't transfer plants started indoors until around now... so, we'll be lucky to have good fresh stuff by the end of July (except for our herbs which we bought as transplants and which can yeild small amounts now). But I'm looking forward to harvest already!

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