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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Friend Came to Visit...

This past weekend my good friend Jamie came to visit. She was in Denver this past week on business and had the good sense and willingness to make the four hour drive down to our little slice of desert! I am so glad that she did as it is infinitely easier (I think) to talk to someone who knows where/what you are talking about.

She arrived Friday and got the tour of the house. Then she and I each took a little nap on our sofas until Reid got home. We had friends over for grilling and all in all it was a very pleasant evening.

Saturday we took Jamie to Adams to show her the campus. Then we stopped in at Milagros, the local not-for-profit coffee shop where you can get yummy coffee drinks AND feel good about yourself because you are supporting the local homeless shelter. Then we drove out to Zappata Falls and then finally the Great Sand Dunes. We learned two important lessons... in regards to Zappata, the walk up there is beautiful in late May but the water is still much to cold to walk through (especially when attempting to carry a 27 lb. beagle and a bag!). None of us made it all the way to the falls.
We got our shoes off at least! Here is Jamie and I by the very cold Zappata stream!

And here is the view on your walk back down from Zappata... which prompted me to happily exclaim that I think we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

In regards to the Sand Dunes, late May is the perfect time to go! Medano Creek runs at the base of the dunes and still had water in it. But the water was only a few inches deep which meant it was warm and lovely. We walked around for over an hour and I think all three of us would have gladly gone back the next day if our schedules/weather would have permitted.
Jamie and I (in shadow) in front of the gorgeous Dunes

Then in the evening we went to Calvillo's, one of the local Mexican restaurants (because really what is a visit to this part of the country without at least one Mexican meal?) and then finished the evening off at our local brew pub where people enjoyed a cold beer and/or bread pudding (I'll let you guess which of us enjoyed which... I'll take my calories in refined dessert sugar, thank you very much!).

Unfortunately she had to drive away early Sunday... but even though her visit was brief, I'm so glad she came! Thanks Jamie! And thanks to her husband Alex who kept their kids for an extra weekend so that she could come!


Stephanie said...

Yes - you do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth :-)

Alice said...

I'm glad Jamie got the chance to see you out there. Your right, it makes a difference once you have seen where someone else lives.

Alaina said...

How great! Sounds like so much fun!

You won the Trader Joe's bags!

Jamie said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, I had a great time!

Tater Mama said...

I've been catching up on your blog, and you HAVE been busy! Very impressive! And it does look like you live in a beautiful place. It's great that you had such a nice weekend with your friend. Those times do go by fast, don't they? Hope y'all can get together again soon.