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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And tomorrow I'll be back there...

So I realize that my blog posts have been pretty few and far between. I've been busily helping my mom pack and rearrange their study and her sewing room (both of which are very near to staging ready!). Therefore, I've been busy shlepping boxes and when I've sat down I have wanted to veg rather than blog. But do know that I've been thinking about the blog (and reading everyone else's). I will be back in Colorado tomorrow and plan to garden/post about my garden (once I see what it has been doing while I've been away!) very soon... and hopefully some other house projects too.

But since my plane leaves tomorrow morning at 8:40am (which means leaving here at 6am) and I'm not packed yet, I'm off to do that!


Merrilee said...

Have a safe trip home!!!

JayD said...

Home safe and sound? Reid and the boys glad to see you?