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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

After two days of lots of work, we have a primed fence, outside and in!

Here is Reid at the beginning of the project... we weren't nearly so smiley by the end. I'm right now completely denying the fact that we have to do the same amount of work with paint coats, at least one possibly two.

And in other news... spring has definitely sprung in the Valley (yes I know it is May which means that for most of you spring has come and gone and it's practically summer).


Alice said...

Love the flower pictures. what is the last one, the purple one??
And you wanted a big yard with a fence, did you not?????? LOL
Love you

Jenna said...

It's a dianthus... I believe it's called a fire witch dianthus. Isn't it pretty? A student gave me the plant last spring. This is only the second time it has flowered since I've had it.