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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogging Haitus... and Yummy Stuff

I've been on a blogging haitus this last month. It is self imposed. Part of it is that I've been interested in other things and part of it is that I lead a pretty boring life in which most of the every day details aren't particularly interesting, even to me. I think I might be coming to a time where I'm just blogging less frequently and that's okay. My guess is that blogging is a little like a pendulum... I've swung in the direction of blogging every day in the past... now I'm just swinging to the opposite extreme.

We're still waiting for the wind to die down (and for me to paint our fence and for the sprinkler system guy to call me back so that we can set up a time for them to come out to figure out why our back sprinklers won't turn on... see what I mean about boring details). And until all of those things happen the garden won't go in. I'm hoping to paint the fence (at least the part around the garden) this weekend (I bought a paint sprayer today after two hours with a brush and only about ten of the literally hundreds of slats painted) and I'm hoping the sprinkler guys call this week. I would LOVE for the winds to stop tomorrow but it's probably another week or two for that. But... just because the garden isn't going doesn't mean we haven't been eating yummy healthy vegetables picked right here on our little homestead. What ever do I mean? Well... see for yourself!

This was the first batch of wild asparagus picked last week from the drainage ditches and fields around our house (little known fact that horses apparently don't like asparagus... it's the only thing along their fence line that they didn't eat). Reid and I went out and picked another basket almost this full again last night. And today the dogs and I walked down the other side of our road and saw that we could revisit the plants from last week and pick at least another serving or two off of those. Reid has told me that I'm a woman obsessed. I just love that I can pick something for free that cost me at least four dollars/bundle at the store! And it is so tasty. We have, so far, had it pan fried two nights and in a pasta dish one night. Tonight I think I'm going to try the east/west marinade for it that was in my latest edition of Vegetarian Times! Yummy!


JayD said...

And the best part is that the FREE asparagus tastes SOOO much better than the expensive, trucked in from who-knows-where kind. One of my early memories is going out at my grandma's house and picking wild asparagus for supper. Good stuff.

Alice said...

You can just eat it raw with a dip too! I like asparagus.

Stephanie said...

It dawned on me answering your question on my own blog was not helpful :-) Will be in and out of Utah Jun 16-Aug 18. Going to Denver July 2-13th. I don't know how far denver is - but if you want to take a day trip up, let me know :-) Would be awesome to see you! So JEALOUS of fresh asparagus. I love asparagus and it is soooo expensive! Lucky you!

JennyS said...

We made creamed asparagus at Liberty Corner last time I worked: Boil the asparagus, then make a white sauce, pour it over the asparagus and serve it over toast. In our case, it was biscuits. It was way better tasting than it should have been. Perhaps the Prairie makes everything taste better?

Tater Mama said...

I've been catching up on your blog. You HAVE been busy! Whew! I know you're glad things are winding down. Congrats on the show's success.

The asparagus looks delicious, and I'm "asparagus green" with envy that you can just walk right out and pick it! It sure beats paying an arm and a leg for it at the grocery. Yum!

Love the pictures of the pups. They're adorable.