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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Big Reveal!

One of the most exciting things to me about moving into our first home was the idea that I could have a room entirely for my crafts. I claimed the front upstairs bedroom because it was big and bright and had two closets off of it, perfect for holding crafting supplies. But a terrible thing happened... it became less about my crafts and more about stuff landing up there. It became a storage room for just about everything. Rather than it being the crafting sanctuary that I thought it would be it had become one of the rooms I didn't want to show people on the brief tour of our home. And for the sake of full disclosure, here are the before pictures of the room which I am more than a little embarassed to put on the web for all to see.

You can see on the far left... this room is also where our little seedlings have been growing for over a month now. What can I say? I was a little zealous in the planting department and have learned my lesson for next year.

Just piles everywhere!
This past week has been a transformative week for that little room. I remembered that I still had a lot of yellow paint and enough white for the trim... and with that I was off! I painted the walls and trim. Then I designed a nice and easy shelving unit for Reid to build (made out of painted plywood). I painted the shelving unit and then took on the daunting challenge of sorting my craft stuff. But it is now (for the most part) all sorted and the best part about is that everything has a home! Of course some day I would love to have cute matching bins or baskets for the shelves... but until then I think we can all agree on what an improvement this room is! Of course... now it's the back bedroom's turn! And believe me... you may not get before pictures! If it is possible, that room might be worse!
A nice table in the middle is just asking for a scrapbooking session, don't you think? And I love that you can now actually see all of the detail of the built-in shelves behind it.

Looking the other way... doesn't my sewing machine fit perfectly over there? It's in the same place, you could just barely see it in the other photo for all of the stuff!

And here is the storage/shelving unit. And as you can see, I still even have a little bit of space left!


JayD said...

Gack, gack...Hack...cough! What is this "organisation" of which you speak?????

Looks nice :-)

Alaina said...

Oh, it's wonderful! I'm a little jealous! Can I come scrapbook with you?! :)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE IT and I am so jealous! You house really looks fabulous!!

Jenny said...

Yay! It looks wonderful!!!
I'm thinking a conner friends craft weekend???

Alice said...

well, I know how much work that is but I'll take the attitude that now you have experience to help me when you come home!!
Lopve you.

Jody Miller said...

It looks gorgeous, Jenna! Great job. I think that fence painting looks like something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy though!

Merrilee said...

Beautiful!!! Just beautiful. And so well organized, I'm totally jealous!!!!! Now, if that was our house, it would be well organized for about 10 minutes....