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Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

After much travelling/sightseeing last weekend Reid and I have chosen to have a nice quiet weekend this time around. Yesterday we went for about a four mile walk on some of the local Alamosa trails. We came home, I made brownies, he made dinner and I watched tv for most of the evening. I also finished Harry Potter 6 on Friday, which means I might have to go buy 7 today!

Today we plan to just hang out. I'm going to go into work for a little while because I have to get some planning done. And then tomorrow... Reid starts his new job! He is now the new Alamosa County Treasurer Clerk. Yey!! Dual income!! The job is just about exactly what he wanted. It's an office job (so no freezing his butt in the winter time). It has regular hours (8-4:30 M-F) and as it is a government job it has good benefits (sick leave, vacation time, etc). He'll be the only man in the office too! This was the first job he applied for when we got here and first he interviewed for... So I am proud of him that it was also offered to him. Yey Reid!


Dad said...

Baking brownies hunh? Are you sure you weren't baking cookies?

And YEY REID!! Good to know that the real him shined through in his interview. Here is hoping the job isn't boring but it sounds like there could be enough variety to keep him from puking :-)

And that dual income thing will be good :-) I wonder what that is like?

Jamie said...

YEY REID! That is so great! I hope he likes it, if not, I hope he can look at the long time goal which is a nice blacksmith forge on a big piece of land! Also another government job, I am so jealous, I want those benefits! I also wonder about what getting of at 4:30 is like.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

Alaina said...

Congrats Reid! That's awesome!

Your weekend sound great - we need one of those soon! I've forgotten what they are like! :)