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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

People are Coming!

I am uber-excited because my mom is coming to town next Tuesday and my sister next Thursday! Neither of them have been to Alamosa so it will be a chance for me to show off the town that I live in and the school that I now work for. Then that following weekend we will be going to the Taos Sheep and Wool Festival, which should be a great deal of fun as well... hooray!

In other news I saw our first student productions last night (they opened last night to a packed house and play through Saturday). I'm going back Saturday to watch with a more critical eye because I have been tasked with writing the critical reviews that the directors receive from a faculty reviewer (yey for being one of three faculty members!). It will be hard to criticize them because frankly they made me quite proud to work here. As my co-worker said today when we were talking about them, "Talent is universal" (meaning you can find talent kids in small towns just as you can find them in big cities).

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Dad said...

Yippee!! Some of us have to stay home :-(

And look at the link I found! http://www2.adams.edu/news/sept0717/sept0717.php I am thinking Reid should be there!!