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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Impatient Father

This post is for my impatient father! :)

This past weekend I spent almost the whole weekend planning for classes. Reid went on a hike on Saturday and had a really good time (they went twelve miles... Tater would have never made it!). Then we went over to Jared and Renee's house for dinner and a movie, which was nice. They are nice people and having adult conversation, not about classes, is appreciated.

The weather here is really beautiful though the nights are definitely getting chilly. On Monday we had bizarre weather where all day it fluctuated between gray, rain, and blue with sun. There was even a brief hale storm in the middle of the day! But today it's back to the beautiful blue sky that makes me thankful to live here. No seasonal affective disorder here!

Otherwise our lives are plugging along. I am still worried about the number of costumes we have to find/make for Cinderella (especially now that I know our budget and have met with our choreographer... the number may have climbed to 66!). But there isn't a whole lot I can do about it until it gets cast, which is not until Sept. 30. And so I wait (and attempt to plan, though mainly in vain).

My classes are going well. We've made the transition in Intermediate Acting from Bogart Viewpoints work to play/character analysis. I don't know that the students are all that happy about it, but so be it :) You have to do some written work sometimes, even in acting. In voice we are covering resonators (don't worry, I had to explain to Reid what they are too). And in speech I just gave back the team speech grades (I overheard "It's a C. I don't do C. I got a 4.0 in high school" to which I responded to the class at large "If you don't like your grades, come and talk to me. And let's work harder on our informative speeches"... I don't think they're very fond of me right now. Ah well...)

Reid thinks his job is going to be fine (boring but fine). And that's about it. Our lives in a nutshell.... now do you feel more informed? :)


Dad said...

WOW What POWER I have ;-)

I got to fly on Sunday but last night I worked until 8:30. Things tend to balance out.

I am interested in that whole number of days of sunshine thing. It will be interesting to see what reality is versus what the Chamber of Commerce is "selling".

And being a teacher is like being a parent. Sometimes it is best not to be "liked" but to actually get through to them.

Jamie said...

The first C in college after straight A's in high school...oh the memories! He/she might want to get used to it.

Don't fret to much about Cinderella now, because I am sure you will be on overload by the time it gets here.

Oh...and about the sun, welcome to the west. I do not know what Alamosa is selling in sunny days, but I know winter in Kansas is alot sunnier than winter in Ohio/Indiana.

Jamie said...

One more thing: Dad 2...your "other" daughter has a blog as well. (just trying to take some pressure off of Jenna to post all the time!)

Mom said...

Well, HECK! I posted. Really I did. Said something about I just read them and then wait for the next one. No pressure!