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Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm ahead!

It is Friday at 5pm. I'm getting ready to leave work. And I have two of my classes planned for the next week and a half!!! This weekend I still have to tackle voice for performance, to get those planned out. But I am really happy. With this planning done it means that I'll be able to concentrate next week on Cinderella (auditions are Sunday, and callbacks Monday). I'll also get to relax and enjoy having my family here, which will be fabulous! I only wish Dad was coming too (though 4 people in a 700 sq. foot house should be interesting, let alone five!).

And in other news I got my first paycheck today!!! Hooray!!! I am actually getting paid and this isn't all just a labor of love. Now that I have that, Reid and I can sit down, plan out our budget and start saving. We can also go meet with some of the local banks (probably after the family visits) to qualify for a mortgage so that we can start looking at houses in earnest. That way when more than three people come to visit we'll have some place to put everyone!


Sarah said...

What about Dan? Don't you wish he was coming too? :)

Dad said...

Ah, just get a move on! Go get that mortgage talk stuff done so that Sarah and Mom can "help" you look for a house. WOuldn't that be fun!